Epicurean at heart, Emmanuel has two passions, sport and greediness. He considers that we can combine the two while taking care of his health. Coming from the business world (Video Futur or the real estate network Residence Principale), he puts to the benefit of this new adventure, all his expertise.

In search of the « Healthy Burger », combining the pleasure of the taste buds and that of the body, he concretizes his dream by creating L’Artisan du Burger. Developing a concept where quality and authenticity are the key words, he surrounds himself with the best chefs to develop new creations, and gives life to « maison » burgers made with quality products and freshly harvested ingredients.


Because the container is as important as the content, Emmanuel Fernandez
has not hesitated to provide his concept with a background able To achieve his ambition.

The architecture and the interior design of L’Artisan du Burger’s restaurants
opt for noble, authentic and timeless materials. Thus, the combination of wood, stone and slate creates a welcoming and unique atmosphere, and reflects a new urban harmony and a
French way of life.

This universe has been entirely designed for customer comfort; the floors, walls, tables and seats materials, the lightning equipment as well as the sound universe… Every detail has been meticulously studied so that the
authentic taste of our burgers can be exalted by the atmosphere of the restaurants where they are cooked and tasted.

The creation of a restaurant L’Artisan du Burger entails the strict observance of the specifications previously established. The construction work is totally supervised by the design architect until the date of its final completion. The franchisee is assured of a result in full compliance with the Charter of Standards and in accordance with a controlled budget.

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le concept

To achieve these goals, a high standing position with burgers reinvented by leading chefs is naturally needed!

L’Artisan du Burger’s philosophy or « raison d’être » is to offer delicious and
healthy burgers, consisting of quality ingredients. In order to satisfy this ambitious goal, we called upon leading chefs: our Chef, Meilleur Ouvrier
de France 2011, and Chef Michael Greenwold, Fooding International Prize 2012, have thus developed original recipes enhancing burgers.
Chefs Joy Astrid Poinsot and Kelly Rangama, who stood out by the TV show Top Chef, have approved the first creations of “La Collection Éphémère” which also benefited from Chef Eric Robert’s creativity, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2000.

At the service of their delicious creations, our Charolaise breed beef meat
is selected and certified 100% French by the famous Metzger butcher shop, which is Chefs’ butcher shop; our soft buns, with no preservatives
or additives, are concocted by Graines de Créateurs, first prize winner at the “Meilleur Artisan-Boulanger des Hauts-de-Seine” competition; our
varied and balanced desserts are home-made and designed by Pastry Chef Jérôme Devreese.

L’Artisan du Burger: leading chefs for a large sign!